Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What did I do to deserve Him?

Does anyone else have those days when you struggle with lets say "self-worth"? Well I was having a VERY down day for a whole bunch of reasons and couldn't keep myself from crying. My poor husband called home to see how things were going and I just broke down crying about everything I wasn't and wanted to be and how I felt I possibly wasn't measuring up to others around me, and bla bla bla. Please tell me I'm not the only one who sometimes feels like this! Well he reassured me he loved me and that's what mattered. But I already knew he loved me, but I still was upset. I tried to make the best of my bad feelings because Michael wouldn't be home until late because of meetings so I tried to carry on and not ruin my children's day. Well come time for Michael's meeting, he comes walking through the door with 12 beautiful pink roses. He had canceled his meeting so he could come home and help me work through some of my frustrations. We talked for a good 1/2 hour of the things that were dragging me down. Needless to say I love him more than he will ever know. He is there even at my worst and to give me the reassurance I need. My Heavenly Father has blessed me to be married to someone so wonderful and I just try to keep up with him! But I don't mind chasing him for the rest of my life :)

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