Monday, April 4, 2011

Get ready for Pictures

28 1/2 weeks preggo with Xander Makay. Derric took the pictures for me. He is getting pretty good with the camera.

Beautiful Paizlee Clair. She just came from the hospital 2 hours earlier. But she was a good sport about the baby shower and shared Mommy :) The shower was so much fun and we had such a great turn out. I can't believe I didn't get pictures of it. But I think Jenna and Paizlee are set up for quite awhile.
A Princess Party for our Princess Mikylee Jo
She turned 5 years old which means kindergarten this year, YIKES!!!
She is such a helper around the house and she has such a tender heart we are blessed to have her as part of our family.
Back row: Adyson, Kirstine, Ellie
Front row: Jazlyn, Aly, Mikylee, Shelby, and Evie
Playing Princess, Princess, Frog
(AKA duck, duck, goose)
Unwrapping the goodies :)

our little princess
she was excited about the money Grandma and Grandpa Allen sent in her birthday card

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Update on whats happening

Well, I hope to get some new pictures posted soon. A lot has been happening at our house lately, we are finally making progress on the upstairs. It is almost all finished, I just have to paint doors and trim and then the carpet can be put in. I love the carpet we found and we will carry it down the hall and into the existing living room. Pics to come of all of it. Both Jazlyn and Mikylee had birthdays. So now I have a five year old and a three year old. My how fast they grow!!!! There birthdays were a blast and I am so thankful to have my little girls. I am now 29 weeks preggo. I also have pictures of my growing tummy I need to post. I'm feeling good most days. Others I am just plain tired, but only two and a half more months to go and so much to get done in that time. So I'm sure it will fly by. We have decided to name our little boy Xander Makay Malcom. Most like it... some don't but I guess Mike and I are the parents and we get last say :) My dance recital it May 14th... it is getting exciting and nerve racking. But things are coming together so I just say my prayers and know that it will all work out in the end. My sister gave birth to her beautiful little girl, Paizlee Clair, March 24th, yep she and Mikylee share a birthday. We got to go see her and hold her. 6lbs 2 oz. It is sooooo hard to believe my kiddos were that small (and smaller) My biggest kid was my smallest baby at 5lbs 13oz. At the end of the day I just am so thankful for all I have. The Lord has blessed me more than I deserve. We aren't perfect but I married my best friend and we work hard to continue to be BEST friends and we have so much love for our children. I loved General Conference this week and look forward to reading the messages in the Ensign. Well i love you all and hope I get my pics posted soon. ;)