Monday, February 14, 2011

22 Weeks and counting

My best attempt at a side belly shot by myself. I guess I could have put it on self timer but whatever. Mike and I finally came up with a name!! and I love it. Not ready to release it yet though. But baby boy is doing great. He is healthy and growing and the kids have even been able to feel him kick. Yesterday I asked Derric, "What are you going to teach your little brother?"
his response, " to be just like me!" Love it, I thought it was a great answer!

Winter happenings and updates

Grandma Debbie's new "baby" I mean puppy :)

Yep, no makeup or shower that morning! Don't judge a pregnant lady :) just look at how cute and tiny he is.
The kids just love him!

Sledding Fun on Crystal Summit

Thanks to the Teels, Derric Loves to snowboard. They brought their snowboard and let Derric use it. By the end of the day he made it all the way down the hill without falling.