Tuesday, April 27, 2010

updates on life

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. Life has been very busy and flying by. We are at the texturing stage of our home remodel project and I just love the guy who is doing it for us. Very, very nice man. He is retired and yet here he is still working away and he agreed to do our whole remodel project and I'm thrilled. (being retired he only picks up small jobs) by the time ours is finished it will be a very large job for him.

The Dance studio is under way. We now have a name!!!! Enchanted Dancers and we will be opening the last week of August. And I am now accepting students for the Fall dance year. So much excitement and almost more fear but I'm very excited and looking forward to teaching! I'm taking girls starting age 3-10. any questions about the studio you can email me at enchanteddancers.jjm@gmail.com.

We just finished the Malcom reunion and I think some awesome pics got taken. I can't wait to see them, we all had a great time.

Well, I think that is life in a nut shell. but hopefully I will get some pictures posted soon.