Sunday, March 28, 2010

Funny things my kids say!

Derric has had some good ones lately. I took them shoe shopping, buy one get one half off. I love deals. Well Derric needed new church shoes and Mikylee got some new sneakers. Derric was upset he only got church shoes and on our way out of the store he asked me "Mom why are my church shoes always black?" He said it with such disgust I just smiled and then asked him "Derric, what color would you like you church shoes to be?" without hesitation he said "I like the color red, why don't we spray pain them?" I laughed out loud. "No!! Black is a good color." "Fine" he said and that was that:)

We went to Applebees Wednesday night for Mikylee's birthday. They now have the wii games going and they asked Derric if he would bowl for a free dessert. He took the challenge and with a game face the entire time he won with a score of 142. He had to beat 138. He was on a high thinking he was completely awesome (Which he is )! Well, the Bear Lake boys golf team came in and they picked a freshman to bowl, he had to beat a 200, and they got free chips and salsa. The kid did it and they were all cheering. Derric was sitting between Michael and I and he started to cry. It took us a minute to get out of him what was wrong and he told us " That's it!! I though I was the best bowler." Michael and I were trying so hard not to laugh, but he was so upset because the kid had out bowled him. It was a good teaching and learning moment and by the time dinner was over all was fine :)

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