Monday, December 14, 2009


My "little"brother

Mitchell's senior pictures

Uncle Mitchell is a favorite among my kids. He spent the day taking Mikylee for four-wheeler and motorbike rides.
Mitchell just won during a round of our infamous tripoly game.
Mitchell and Jazlyn


Natalie's baby blessing

My sweetheart!! I love him so much

Mikylee and cousin Lisa
Michael and Me. He is wearing the new suit I bought him for Christmas. What a goodlookin guy!
Jazlyn and Grandpa Malcom. Eric is in the chair.

Michael, Me, and Grandma Malcom just hanging out and Nate and Jenny's.
Nate and Jenny. Somehow we got everyone in their family except Natalie. She was a doll and looked like and angel in her white blessing dress.

Night Sledding New Years Day

Derric and I had a snowball fight. Mikylee and Grandma were sledding.
We made a fire and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. Jazzy didn't know what to think of her sled; so she came to get warm by the fire with Grandpa, Grandma, and Mitchy.
Mikylee was wore out after Grandma and I pulled her up the hill.
Jazzy with Grandpa and Mitchy staying warm by the fire.
Jazzy couldn't move anything but her eyes. It was really quite comical.

New Years Eve

Mikylee and Mitchy.
I think they partied to hard:)
Jazlyn is ready to party
Derric, Mikylee, Jazlyn, and Grandma Debbie. The hats are complements of Grandma so they could enjoy ringing in the new year. They also had blowers and noise makers. Once they went to bed the adults spent the evening playing games. Giving my husband caffein sure made things more fun:)

More Allred Christmas Party Pictures

Derric and Mikylee showing off their horses Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Bob gave them.
Me and Jazzy sitting with Travis and Jenson. Aimery is getting ready to open a present.
Almost everyone in this picture. Val, Anthony, Jenna, Devon, Courtney, Mikylee, Derric, Airmery, Camdyn, Jaxon, and Travis (almost).
Grandma and Grandpa handing out their presents. We all got spoiled.
Jazzy got new pj's from Grandma and Grandpa

Kellen's birthday party

Derric is writing a letter to Kellen. My little man is growing up so fast!
Jazlyn, Derric, Kellen, and Mikylee. All trying to fit into Kellen's new rocker chair. It was a fun 1st birthday.


Christmas with the Malcom's

Derric is playing with a Pirates of the Caribbean pop up book from Grandma Malcom.
Blake, Janey, and Levi. It was so good to have them with us for the holiday.
Grandpa and Grandma Malcom, Matt and Derric.
Mindy, Janey, Levi, and Blake. Mikylee is climbing over the couch. Surprised, I think not.

Christmas Morning

Mikylee got her cash register and tea set. Doesn't she just fit the part?
This is my Christmas present, though Michael says it is a "Family" Christmas present. I love it. Now we can sit down and eat a meal without doing it buffet style.
Derric is such a good brother. He made sure Jazlyn didn't fall with her new walker.
Mikylee got her "tea table" only it is now a permanent part of our kitchen. She refuses to eat at the adult table.
Derric is showing off his scooter.
Christmas morning untouched. It seems to always turn out to be more than I was planning.

Allred Family Christmas Party

Everyone was in the living room singing Christmas songs and waiting for Santa to visit. Aimery, Camdyn, Derric, and Rylon.
We had a little table set up to decorate sugar cookies. Shaylee, Kyler, and Derric.
It is so fun to have Jenna and Devon in town.
My little helper

Two Sisters

My Girls

Grandpa Bob's #50 -We love you-

The Pink Lady and Her Man
Grandma and Grandpa Allen also came and celebrated with us.
All our 50's men with the best slicked back hair they could manage.

Mikyee was a dancing fool all night long. She never stopped as long as the music was playing.


50's Party

This is all of Grandpa Bob's pink ladies. All the daughters shirts said "Dad's pink ladies" , the granddaughters shirts said "Grandpa Bob's pink Ladies" and Grandma Debbie's shirt said "The Pink Lady. We have got some creative minds in this family. It is awesome to be apart of it.

50's Party

Me and Mikylee in our poodle skirts and 50's jewelry. The bling was from Grandma Allen (real 50's jewelry). So much fun

50's Party

Derric and Mikylee posing with Elvis.


My little vampire, Pocahontas, and tigger. Black hair spray was not the best of ideas. We had fun. I was in charge of doing the cupcake walk,and yes Mikylee is eating one.

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