Monday, December 14, 2009

New Family Photos

The pictures are in. I know I posted a ton and it isn't even all of them. There was just so many that I liked I posted a lot. So let me know what you think. We had Elsha Christensen do them. She was so cute and fun. She made the session great. and she even got some pics of Jazlyn ( I don't know how she was crying the entire time is seemed) but I was very pleased with the outcome.

YEAH!! A visit from Blake and Janey all the way from Washington. Derric was our photographer for the night and of course he had to take a picture of himself! I love it :)


October activities: Some yearly pumpkin carving at the home of Grandma and Grandpa Malcom and the Halloween ward party. We had a great time! I decorated a room and did a cupcake walk, I was worried I wouldn't have enough cupcakes for all the participants so I made a couple pans of carmel apples. I couldn't believe how many people came to get one!! They were the first thing gone and I had people young and old asking me about them the rest of the night. So I guess I know what to do for next years party!! We were very blessed to be surrounded by family Halloween night too! Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Bob, Jenna and Devon, Grandpa and Grandma Malcom and Eric and Kellen. It was a fun night with lots and lots of sugar!!

Derric with his good friend Emma.

A very scary bunch :)


Yes I know I keep changing my Blog Header! But I just haven't found what I feel really fits. So I keep trying out new things. We will see how this one fits but who knows I may change it again.


The results are back. I'm not very excited about any of our family pics. Yes these are ALL the family ones I got back and none of them are great. Shadows everywhere and kids not looking at the camera. We may have to give family pictures another shot this year.


I am always amazed at how busy life can get!! It has been kind of a crazy time at the Malcom home. We are all very blessed to be healthy and happy, but life has been going in fast forward. Derric broke his hand a couple of weeks ago. He was jumping off the stairs on our deck and tried not to land on the dog. His hand hit the edge of the trampoline and he broke the base of his ring finger. I got to x-ray it one night when I was working and he has a salter-harris II fracture at the base of his ring finger. We have kept it wrapped and supported and I think he is doing much better. Not bad for our first broken bone :) He pulled his second tooth out today all by himself. It's fun to see how proud he is of this accomplishment.
I also got a chance to meet with his teacher for parent teacher conference. My boy is amazing in every aspect but he "is a talker" I was told :) Well yea, I'm his mother I know this!!! So instead of trying to get him not to talk his teacher is trying to get him to talk and octave lower :) I wish her all the best of luck with it and I'm trying to adopt this in our own home. I've been working with Mikylee on her inside-outside voice.
Mikylee is working hard at dancing and she is a great sister to Jazzy. I really enjoy the time I get with the girls at home while Derric is off to school. Mikylee is saying the funniest things and she is completely in love with the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. She is Alice!! Why? Because for some reason she is in LOVE with Gideon and Alice is his girl. So for the past couple of weeks I have played the part of Millie. I don't mind so much because she will do anything Millie askes, including picking up toys and helping with laundry :)
Jazzy has had a little mean streak come out lately. Hitting and kicking just because she feels like it. We have been working on this and are making some progress. We also have had her thumb taped up all week. We are trying to break the thumb sucking habit. She seems to think that her thumb wrapped up is cool, I think it has to do with seeing Derric's hand wrapped up so she thinks she is being like him. Whatever works I say! I tried the THUM and she acted like she didn't even know I put that on her thumb, blah what a waist of $3.00. Good thing we didn't break the bank buying that remedy:)
We are working on a bid for a new garage and to have our bathroom completed. We just are lacking the time to get things done. It is a very frustrating feeling knowing you can do something but lack the time to get it done. Well for sanity we are going to have a contractor finish it. I just hope to have it done before the holidays.
Michael is working hard. He has been so awesome helping me with the kids lately because I'm working a lot more than usual. I hope that by Christmas things will slow down a little. My boss is out on maternity so that is the reason for all the extra shifts.
I was able to go pick apples and Mom, Jenna, Grandma Allen, and I spent hours canning. We made applesauce, apple juice, apple jelly, and apple pie filling. Then I came home and made pear honey (totally awesome goodness) and apple butter. It was my first attempt at the apple butter and I felt like the recipe was too sweet, but it's not horrible. I enjoy accomplishing a project like that.
I hope you feel updated as to what we have been up to. We just got family pics taken yesterday and I hope we get them back soon so we can get them out to all our loved ones:)

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