Monday, December 14, 2009


Derric lost a tooth

I love this smile! He is totally excited and shocked his Dad just pulled his tooth.
Here is his toothless smile. Not too big of a hole and it is already being filled with his permanent tooth!!


Just a small sampling of the canning I did this week. I picked pears from my neighbors tree. The fruit is really great, the only problem is most of them averaged in size a little bigger than a golf ball. So I canned pear chunks. It took me along time to get 30 jars. I hope my kids like them because they will not get to waist these!! Oh, and this is my first canning experience all on my own. I think a canning party is way more fun ;)


Ok, I didn't realize I couldn't flip the movie when I recored her. So next time I will recored the right way so you don't have to tilt your head to watch the movie. She was too cute so I just had to post it as is. And if there is a lot of motion I apologize, I was wrestling Jazlyn while filming.


I know I am blessed. My kids have said some of the funniest things lately and there is so much happiness in our home right now. I love the quote by Pres. Hinkley "Those who offend others is a fool, those who take offense is an even bigger fool." Well I chose not to be offended by others actions and words. What matters to me is my husband, kids, and family love me. More importantly my Savior knows me, he knows my heart, and he knows my intents in all things even if someone misinterprets those intentions. With that being said, I am so excited for Conference in a few weeks. I love to listen to those who are so inspired by our Heavenly Father. And I love the feel of the spirit in my home while we listen.
We started demolition/construction on our bathroom. I'm so excited for the chance we get to upgrade and I'm really excited for my parents to come help!! I will post pictures as things move along.
I love fall. This is my favorite time of year. The colors, the cool weather, the smell of good things baking, canning, and having time to be a little more crafty. Shanell, you can find the pattern for those dresses on the internet. They are SO easy. Just type in pillowcase dress pattern and you will get a whole bunch of good sites to help you out.


I posted a few things we did this summer. I apologize it has taken me this long to blog. I feel bad too because there is a lot I didn't get posted that we did this summer. I'm hoping to keep up on it a little better. It does help if someone nudges me along the way;) But I hope you enjoy a little of what we have been up to.

Derric's #6 birthday party

So I can't believe that my baby turned six! Derric has grown up so much this past year. He learned to tie his shoes, ride his bike without training wheels, and he just lost his first tooth. He started kindergarten in August and is so smart, though he will tell you that recess is his favorite part about school. He loves soccer, baseball, reading, playing the Wii (we don't own one, we have family good enough to share theirs), riding his bike, playing with his puppy, watching movies, and just pretending. Derric has an awesome imagination and it is fun to watch him when he is really into pretending. He helps me so much around the house and is an amazing big brother. We are so blessed to have him in our home!!!
My attempt at a TMNT birthday cake. I freehanded the face, but I felt it turned out cute. The birthday boy loved it so I was happy:)
All the TMNT kids. All the kids are in Derric's kindergarten class. They are a fun group!!!
Just another shot of the cake.
Cupscakes for Derric's class. It took me awhile to decide what to do that would be fun for boys and girls. I came up the the frog (who is trying to catch a fly) and the nutterbutter bug. Big hit !!
All the cupcakes for Derric's class.

My Princesses

Some pillowcase dresses I made for the girls. Not to bad for my first try.
I hope they don't mind being dressed the same. It's just too cute to me.


The most precious people in my life

trying to get pictures at Ross Park. When they are that cute it is hard for me to resist taking tons of pictures.

"Our Family Tree"

During a really bad storm the wind got to be to much for our poor tree. Derric calls this our "family tree" because it was the only leafy tree on our property. So now we don't have a family tree:(

Michael's #31

Our family pic on Michael's #31 birthday. Even though he had a hard time entering his 30's I think he is as handsome as ever. I am so thankful to be married to him. I hope he knows how wonderful he is. And I keep telling him your only as old as you feel. And as you can see from earlier post he is a kid at heart!

More summer Fun

Jazlyn has her dad wrapped around her finger
I just love this picture. She thinks she is so big. And she acts like it most of the time.

Our trip to the IF zoo
Look who had to try!!!!

More Summer Fun

We got a slip and slide this summer. Jazlyn got plenty wet enough just trying to drink the water as it sprayed.

ATV's in Wyoming
Derric after running a race. We are so proud of him. He is really a great runner. I just can't believe how fast he is growing up
Making memories at Father and Son's outing
We love to BBQ. Michael cooks and we all LOVE to eat it!!!
Getting ready for church. Mikylee ended up with a fro but she works it so nicely:)
Who doesn't enjoy a little ice cream?
My little princess

Eggs, Bunnies, and Baskets

Loaded up with goodies, Derric even won a full size cake.
I love this picture. On our way to a neighborhood Easter egg hunt.
Easter Bunny brought Derric a pair of cleats. He must have gotten them on a really really great deal :)
She enjoyed just picking up anything and everything so she could put it in her basket.
Easter egg coloring. Gotta love it

Mikylee's Birthday

Mikylee modeling her new princess dress up clothes that she got for her birthday.
We went swimming for her birthday. The Malcom's love the water.
Mikylee's princess strawberry goodness birthday cake! YUM

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