Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life as we know it

I don't know if I have any followers still because I am the worst at posting lately, but we are still here and enjoying life very much. Mike and I finally made it to Fiji. The plane ride was more managable than I thought it would be 13 hrs total one way. And I found out I really can't sleep on a plane :( The trip was amazing, the things we got to see...beautiful, the people sooooo nice, activities... a blast... but the best part was being with my best friend. I have pics for the activities we did but the surfing was AWESOME! and probably on the top of my favorite things we did.

Life since we have been back from vacation has been much more managable then before we left. I am working every other weekend at the hospital for a few hours instead of everyother day. The dance studio is going great. I have been getting a lot of positive reviews from my dancer's mom's. I'm am just trying to find a place to hold the recital so we are praying things will work out.

Derric is doing great in school. But we are finding out how much of a boy he really is :) He told us he had to sit on the wall because Miss. Bee told everyone to be quite. Derric just thought that ment no talking so he started to cluck like a chicken instead. Miss. Bee didn't like it so much and sent him to sit on the wall. Mike and I laughed. There has been a few other instances and it's like what do you do, he is just being a boy :)

The girls are doing great. They both love dance and it is so fun because they join me for almost every dance lesson. Mikylee loves school and always wants to do homework. She is growing up so fast. Jazzy Bea is a riot and she keeps us laughing. She has figured out how to push her siblings buttons and make them scream. She has no idea she is small and can pull her own weight when it comes to the things Derric and Mikylee can do.

Michael has been blessed at work and we hope to finish the new addition soon so we can have Christmas up there -But we will see- I found carpet I love, but again we will see. He is enjoying his church calling and I just got released from Primary Choruster and put in as 1st counselor in the Primary. So New adventures and I look forward to it.

I hope to post pics sometime. It is just hard to find the time to get it all done. but we are doing well and are Happy and Healthy and looking forward to the holidays :)

Love the Malcoms


  1. Glad you finally posted something! We love you guys and miss you a ton! We have to find some time to talk and catch up! I am glad to hear that you are all doing so well. I laughed out loud when I read that about Derric. I Love to read about you guys and how things are going!

  2. Hello guys! Yes we still follow your blog. I check it often for any updates. I really loved reading this last post from you. Sounds like you had a great trip. I wish you could be our girls's dance teacher. You would be great. can't wait to see pictures of your trip and your addition. take care