Monday, October 25, 2010

Here's Fiji

Looking out across the water from our resort
Looking out from our room
1st dinner provided by YESCO. This guy was really screaming before, during, and after our picture.
Michael drinking the Kava. Everyone drank Kava. One try was enough, it tastes like muddy water.
Getting ready for our river trip into the local villages.
Nice little speed boat :)
A lot faster than it looked!
Little children in the village we visited. We did a lot of dancing and had so much fun.
On our sunset dinner cruise. BEAUTIFUL

our beach we went snorkeling
Mike and his big catch :)
In front of the Hindu Temple. Mike failed the temple interview:) He had sausage and eggs for breakfast so we weren't aloud in. It was ok we went sight seeing at other places.
Mine is the pink board, OH YEAH!!
Mike after surfing. Sadly we didn't have anyone to take pics while we were out on the waves. I kicked his trash surfing :) He still loves me though! lol
our waves
Ian our surf instructor
Our group that we hung out with the majority of the time. Ryan and Mary Young, Matt and Michelle Wren and me and Mike.
The rewards dinner. We were met with a band and tribal dancers. then sung to by the children's choir.

With Mike and Karen Young. Such nice people!
We went to church and I got to lead the music in Primary. Again I'm thankful for the opportunities the Lord gives me.
Mike and I in front of the church.
An amazing trip. This is only a small amount of the pics we had but I hope you enjoyed them and get an idea of what it was like. We loved every minute of it. Even the massages that were so bad and my flashing the massage therapist but that is a another story for another day :)

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  1. WOW, what a fun trip for the 2 of you, looks like you had an amazing time!:)