Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Jazlyn story

Well here is another story about my Jazzy. It is her birthday on Tuesday the 8th. She will be 3 years old already. Where has the time gone?!?!?!?!? sniff sniff, anyway, I made a cake this weekend and set it on the counter to cool. I cut it and shaped it and had it all ready to be frosted but ran out of time in the morning so I put it into a ziplock bag for later frosting. I went about my morning trying to clean up and relized I hadn't seen or heard from my little sweetie for a few minutes. **** she can do a lot of damage in a few minutes**** so I started to hollor her name. At first there was nothing but then a very soft answer here. I asked where. she replied, again very soft, here. Where is here? I'm still holloring. In the living room, slightly louder than before. I look she's not there. I'm sure she if under the table hiding something from me so I go through the kitchen. And...... their is Jazzy Bea. her feet sunk deep into the bottom layer of the cake and the top layer just about gone, nothing but cumbs left as evidence. What did I do, well I screamed her name, which scared her. and then I laughed and I'm still laughing.

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