Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dentist Trips

This has kinda become my journal since I forget to write things down. When I do remember I don't have my journal so the most simple thing to do is write it on my blog where I won't lose it.

A few funny things with my kids:

Jazzy Bea had a small cavity. I caught it very early but being a concerned mom I got her into the dentist right away. I was very nervouse for her because this was her first official trip and shots don't make a good first impression. They wanted to start with the gas and that lasted for like 2 seconds. I held her hands and the dentist came in. Good news!! no shot needed, but the tooth needed fixed. Jazlyn was being such a big girl but when the hygenist offered her blue sunglasses to wear while they fixed her tooth my Jazzy could think of nothing else. She didn't flinch or even sqeeze my hands and when they were done she jumped up gave everyone a high five and showed me her "new tooth" as she called it. I LOVE that girl.

Poor Derric also had a dentist appointment. His poor little mouth is too small for all the teeth coming in, so he got to get some teeth pulled :( He also had a gavity that needed fixed. In all the poor boy got 4 shots. But I was trying so hard not to laugh because the gas made him soooo funny. He was saying the most random things and laughing and taking like crazy until..... he realized his mouth had gone numb. He was so upset and told me he couldn't go back to school because he now talked like a baby. I had to reasure him the numbing would be gone the next day and not to worry. He said ok and started laughing again :) I am so impressed by how big and brave my boy was. 4 shot!!! 4 shots!!! thats a lot for a little guy when you have never had to go through that before. I'm a proud mama.
P.S. My kids do brush everyday!!! How they got cavities I don't know. Guess they got my teeth, it doesn't seem to matter how much I brush and floss something always needs repaired in my mouth.

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