Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Dinner

Dessert -it's on my food blog if you want to make it.
Michael's plate
Michael's Prim Rib- It was Delish

Holy Smokes I got spoiled!! I usually try to make heart shaped pancakes for Valentines breakfast but because Michael and I had to talk in Church I didn't have a lot of time that morning (church is at 9:00am) so he decided to do a special lunch. He made Prime Rib-It Was Fantastic- yorkshire pudding-the kiddos loved it, and we had homemade pickled beats and sweet corn. I made dessert and we watched Julie&Julia. I really enjoyed it, maybe because I am blogging about food, but I thought it was a cute show. It was an awesome day! I couldn't have married a better man! I LOVE my Husband!

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