Thursday, February 25, 2010

Face of an Angel

My Jazzy is as sweet as they come! But as she gets older and her personality gets bigger I am always amazed at how much mischief one little girl can get in!! She can terrorize my house in minutes and make my whole day's work of house cleaning disappear in a matter of seconds- I am so not exaggerating here- I get one room picked up and as I'm walking out she manages to make it look like tornado made it's way through. She has rightfully earned the nickname Jazmanian Devil:) But when I turn to scold her for undoing whatever it is I have done. She squats down just so, puts her hands out and does her best deedle deedle deedle ( the words or sound she uses when she is going to tickle you) and my heart melts. I pick her up and with her little hands she squeezes my face and gives me a kiss! And then we start the whole thing over again :)

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