Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Funny things my kids say!

Derric has been having a few problems with having a sick stomach. I've been telling him he needs to eat more healthy things like veggies and his stomach wouldn't hurt so bad. Well the other night during dinner he made quite the effort to eat a few veggies. Still his stomach hurt and he was visibly upset. So I sat down with him and this was our conversation. "Derric, we are going to have to really watch what you are eating." Mom, I know what the problem is. I have "junk realities" " Junk realities what are junk realities" I asked him. Well junk realities are when you eat a lot of junk food and your body needs healthy food, but the problem is I love junk food and hate healthy food, so I have junk realities!
I think what he was going for was allergies, but his description was priceless and he was so upset that he LOVES junk food he was beside himself.

Mikylee's new number is Eleventeen. Comes right after 6 and before 19. I love the way she talks and counts. She also has been singing "Just you wait Henry Higgins" SO DANG CAUUUUTE!!!!

Jazlyn's new thing is to tell you stories - in her language- and she can carry on for quite a while. I sit and listen in amazement because she knows what she is talking about because she compliments each story with lots of head nods, shoulder shrugs, and hand guestures. She also can't get enough of dancing and I could watch her all day!

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