Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Passing the Time ?!?!

I don't know how to move pictures once they are posted?
This is one of my poppies, they are huge and so beautiful this year!

Ok, so here I am 38 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.
I'm now 39 and 1/2.
I'm tired, swollen, want my body back, tired of gaining weight, no more room to grow/share, trying to hang-in-there feeling.
I am trying my best to be happy, though I really feel down, and remind myself that in the grand big picture what is a few more days?
So I have cleaned and re-cleaned my house. Finished projects, not really wanting to start other projects and trying to keep myself from going stir crazy. My freezer is packed with freezer meals and the baby's room is ready......................so what have you done to keep yourself from going crazy waiting for baby to come? I need a mood lifter!

Some things I have done and are grateful for:

The poppies are blooming. It has been raining a lot! but it has kept the weather fairly cool so I'm not cooking. and my mountain grass/weeds/flowers are loving it. My poppy bed is bigger than it has ever been and I love it.

Free lunch with the kids. I love not having to cook.

Retail therapy :) Bought a new sofa and love seat the other day. Now we can have somewhere to sit in our living room. The old furniture got moved into the new addition.

Do you have any good book recommendations? or ideas to pass the time waiting for our new little guy to arrive? I would love any suggestions you have at getting labor going!

We had the Dr. appt yesterday and NOTHING new from 2 weeks ago. He stripped ( or stirred ) the membranes but I don't know? They have scheduled the evening for the 20th for an induction.

So help me......... What to do until then :) Can't wait to hear your ideas

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  1. Come see me lol! Maybe the drive would do you some good who knows :) Go on a bumpy car ride. Drink Red raspberry tea. These were all things i tried with Paizlee. Tell little Xander I am ready for him to come I can't wait to meet him!!!